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R2R Stallion Service Sale

Stallion Service Sale Conditions

  1. Roan To Riches Stallion Services may be purchased for use on any AQHA, APHA, ApHC or Jockey Club registered mares, regardless of color.

  2. Roan To Riches Stallion Services are available to be purchased at 50% of the base breeding fee, or $400, whichever is greater.  The “base breeding fee” is defined as the breeding fee alone.  All shipping, booking, collection and other applicable fees are separate, and payable as indicated in the breeding contract.  R2R Stallion Service purchasers are bound by the terms and conditions of the breeding contract.

  3. Roan To Riches Stallion Services purchased are not refundable. Rebreeds and transfers are at the discretion of each stallion’s owner/manager per the terms of the breeding contract.

  4. Payment is payable to Roan To Riches and due at time of purchase.

  5. It is the responsibility of the R2R Stallion Service purchaser to be aware of the mare’s and stallion’s color and health genetics regarding any R2R Stallion Service purchased.The R2R Stallion Service Sale and ARHA are in no way responsible for such information.

  6. See ARHA Roan and Roan Bred Solid registration requirements.


The American Roan Horse Association and Roan To Riches has a no refund policy. This applies to all purchases and services.  By indicating your purchase of any Roan To Riches Stallion Service, you acknowledge and agree with this policy.  Use of and payment made on this website confirms your acceptance of our refund policy.


Credit / Debit Cards via PAYPAL or direct payment via PAYPAL

* a Paypal account is NOT required, but paying through Paypal's interface is mandatory. 

Offline Payments may be accepted with special arrangements

Payment Methods
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